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Reincarnated Souls

Love Tragedy Von:
User: ByrdLove
Reincarnated Souls

Racial tension doesn't stop Serafine from becoming close to her new found friend Royce. 1843 Louisiana a time when not everyone were given equal rights. Serafine blossoms from her youthful innocence into a beautiful young woman.


  Serafine becomes acquainted with a young slave boy who shows her that they have much more in common than they know. Watch as their friendship turns into a budding romance in this dramatic love tragedy, that will keep you on the edge of your seat..

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "Love Tragedy"
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Reincarnated Souls
Love Tragedy
1,49 US$
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1,49 US$
Love, Tragedy, Southern, Romance
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This book is interesting. I like it but there are some errors in it. Other than that. It is ❤️ lovely

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H, J, Macey.

Am waiting for it to be finished so far it is a story my wife might like. She is into southen slavery books telling how they were Treated

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I couldn't get it into epub. How do I keep the original format?


I meant it if it was ePub already. Sorry, misunderstood.
You can download Calibre (program) though and it will export your book into pretty much any format, including ePub. Calibre is free.


I'll check it out thanks

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