The Church

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The Church
A well known place, where three friends would always go to ghost hunt as kids, almost died when something non-paranormal tried to kill them.

church, murder, friends, scared
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Terrace, BC

The American steel industry
died more than 30 years ago. Protective tariffs did nothing so many years ago.
They will do absolutely nothing now.

The U.S. aluminum industry is also DOA. Huge amounts of electricity were
required to produce this metal. And,the industry received another death blow
when aluminum wiring was found to be a fire hazard.

There is absolutely nothing that Trumpf nor his lackeys can do to revive... mehr anzeigen

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New York, NY

Either this is meant to mislead the American people, and easily they can be
misled given consent is manufactured through it societal structure.
The made in China label has enabled US companies to reap huge profits by going
overseas to make their products. The Chinese factories make only a small
portion. Take the IPhone, for example, study where the profits go. The Chinese
earn a small portion. How is this trade... mehr anzeigen

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