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"The Things She Remembers"

A young girl haunted by her pass. Von:
"The Things She Remembers"
A girl abused and raped by her mothers boyfriend, her mom never listens. And she remembers Every bit of it. How will her future turn out to be? Based on a true story!

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I liked the story, from dark beginings outside of your control to a happy life that is deserved. I think the telling of the tale could be expanded, clearer to follow though, and I saw a few spelling and grammer mistakes, nothing a little editing won't fix :)

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I didn't know what to expect here, but I must say, i found this story a very powerful and poignant read.

The way you've relayed the story makes it completely believable. I hope to God it's not, but if it isn't a story based on your own experience, you are going to be one great writer.

I was very impressed with your grammar and spelling and apart form typos, the only fault i could find was in your other book where the print was... mehr anzeigen

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