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The Portal

The Portal
a book about a man and his family and how his sons "monsters" aren't as silly as they seem

horror fiction short story
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So far, the story is interesting. I think you have used the word, "than" instead of the word, "then" throughout the story. The word, “principal” is also been misspelled in many places. I think you'll have to proof read this book again. Best regards, Suresh.

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I'm impressed by the amount of positive feedback especially because it's really just a draftish thing. I just wanted to challenge myself and see what I could write in one night

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Can't make a comment as yet,I've just purchased a cruztablet book reader and I'm trying to download my free books,however,as soon as I am able,I will carry out youre requests. harrya

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stephen king thats quite a compliment junie heck I blushed when I read it.
You're far too kind

I'm glad you all like the charecters thats usually where I like to put the emphasis. Although this is the first time I've used an adult or man as my main narrative so I was a bit concerned. I plan on leaving this for awhile, perhaps I'll get back to it but for now it's just an idea i was playing with

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