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The Luck Of Roaring camp And Other Tales (Fiscle part-3 Of 1)

User: silviya
The Luck Of Roaring camp And Other Tales (Fiscle part-3 Of 1)
There Was Commotion In roaring camp. It Could Not Have Been A Fight,
For In 1850 That Was Not Novel Enough To Have Called together The
Entire Settlement. The Ditches And Claims Were Not Only Deserted, But
"Tuttle'S Grocery" Had Contributed its Gamblers, Who, It Will Be
Remembered, Calmly Continued their Game The Day That French Pete And
Kanaka Joe Shot Each Other To Death Over The Bar In the Front Room.
The Whole Camp Was Collected before A Rude Cabin On The Outer Edge Of
The Clearing. Conversation Was Carried on In a Low Tone, But The Name
Of A Woman Was Frequently Repeated. It Was A Name Familiar Enough In
The Camp,--"Cherokee Sal."

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