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Maruja (fiscle part-9)

User: silviya
Maruja (fiscle part-9)

Morning was Breaking on The High Road To San Jose. The Long Lines Of
Dusty, Level Track Were Beginning to Extend Their Vanishing point In
The Growing light; On Either Side The Awakening fields Of Wheat And
Oats Were Stretching out And Broadening to The Sky. In the East And
South The Stars Were Receding before The Coming day; In the West A Few
Still Glimmered, Caught Among The Bosky Hills Of The Canada Del
Raimundo, Where Night Seemed to Linger. Thither Some Obscure,
Low-Flying birds Were Slowly Winging; Thither A Gray Coyote, Overtaken
By The Morning, Was Awkwardly Limping. And Thither A Tramping wayfarer
Turned, Plowing through The Dust Of The Highway Still Unslaked by The
Dewless Night, To Climb The Fence And Likewise Seek The Distant Cover.

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