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Email Marketing, List Building, Traffic and Sales Generation Director

Email Marketing, List Building, Traffic and Sales Generation Director
For about 4 years my websites had been featured high up among Google’s search results – for a lot of highly competitive keywords.

To achieve this feat, I had to put in the hours … thinking back, forget hours, it was more like weeks and months of hard work and effort.

The positive was that business was doing well … I was getting a decent amount of traffic, building a list and generating sales.

Then out of the blue, Google attacked.

First they closed down my Adwords account.

Then they did what they called their ‘Panda’ update of their algorithm.

In an instant, all my sites disappeared from Google … all that hard SEO work, down the pan.

They even closed down my 7 year old blog (I’d made a school boy error in using the Blogger platform which of course Google owned), a blog that was getting on average 950 visits per day.

To say I was ‘ticked off’ is an understatement.

In fact, I was very tempted to just ‘throw my toys out of the pram’ pack it all in!

And, it wasn’t just me who was greatly affected; thousands of marketers saw the same thing happen to their sites… with some poor souls literally losing everything.

To see if there was any hope for my business, I started ‘lurking’ around the Internet Marketing forums to see how others were coping.

Nothing I tried really seemed to replace the traffic that Google brought me.

Although, I was interested in a method that a fellow Google ‘Panda’ victim was using.
And so gave it a try.

Results were patchy at first, but at least I could see the potential …

Gradually, I tweeked the method, tested different things, changed things about and results started to improve.

I stuck with it.

And now it’s the ONLY traffic driving method I seriously use.

How To Drive A Ton Of Targeted Traffic To Your Webpage, Squeeze Page Or Blog, Build A Huge List And Generate A Flood Of Orders

The Stuff You’ll Need To Make The Traffic And List Building Magic Happen

How To Build A Squeeze Page That Beats The ‘Pants’ Off Those Pretty Designer Squeeze Pages … And Convert At 40%-50%

Your Supa-Dupa Free Product To Offer People In Exchange For Opting Into

Where To Get Highly Targeted Traffic Rushing To Your Squeeze page, Opting Into Your List And Buying Your Upsells

What To Use To Test And Track EVERYTHING To Ensure This Whole Process Builds You A Huge List And Generates Sales. All For FREE!

How To Set Up Your Autoresponder

Upsell Prices

Another Fantastic Source For Driving Traffic To Your Website,
Squeeze Page Or Blog

Here’s How To Get Traffic From A Source That Very Few Marketers Use … But Adds 20 Or So Names To My List Per Day

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