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Rise Of The Fallen(Book One)

We Will Rise Von:
Rise Of The Fallen(Book One)

Ever since the day of her parents car crash Catherine Patel's life changes. That day she wakes up to find demons exsist and want her dead, some boy stalking her for some strange reason and that she is not only part of a century's old prophet. But, that the fate of the world rests on her shoulders and when she dies the world dies with her.

Not only that but Catherine is having strange dreams of a life that may, or may not be hers and the reason behind these dreams are because she was born many times before. All because on her first life when she was five her mother made a deal with a witch to protect her and that deal consisted of her being born many times so her identify rests a secret from all the demons that want her dead because of the prophecy.

Though the only problem is that out of all the years with her one prophecy the prophecy decides to change. However this prophecy is not as good as the first.

The original prophecy states her being the savoir of the end of the world. This other changed prophecy states her being the end of it. As the news passes down Catherine is found as the most wanted person in the underworld and the will stop at nothing until she dies so they can take over the world when she does.

Many want to protect her. Yet many want her dead..As loyalties are tested and betrayals are at bay Catherine finds her self in the middle of something darker than she ever imagined..

Will Catherine be the saviour of the world or the end?

I don't know why are asking me?

Read the book.

Beautiful cover by @Mulanjiang

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Hmm it's look like good, i think you will be good author, and i will add this book in my favorite book list if you will continue writing. good luck.

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