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The Boy Has Love

User: breana13
The Boy Has Love

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Thanks guys! I really appreciate the comments and hearts! Sorry I haven't been updating in a long time, I've been real busy lately. I re-read the book and I might just update more:)

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write more the book is great

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Well, obviously this is a chick book. Girls love it. Maybe you should keep your opinions to yourself, instead of commenting shit like that.
This is Breana's book, and she has her own right to write whatever. Maybe she has a great plan coming up in the story.

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I really didn't get it, I mean the story is moving way too fast that your unable to grasp it. There is no explanation about the whole youth group and the dialogue is too simple it leaves u thinking of "what the hell" when her friend practicably got rape and then she didn't care??

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