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A Match Made In Heaven

Heaven isn't the place it would seem Von:
User: breaisome
A Match Made In Heaven
Saphire never expected to end up where she did : 16 and working in the strip club , Heaven . 21 and looking for love , Ashton came crashing into her heart and although she wasnt looking for love , she found it . but with so many problems already on her plate how can she add a boyfriend on top of it all . But when love calls , she'll end up dropping everything for it .

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This was a good book i was piss that he would have sex with her bestfriend,since he say he loved her so much.. the bestfriend was just as wrong as ashton... damn it touch my heart when i read that part.. it was,a great book tho i hope it will be a part 2 because sophaire deserve to be loved..

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i absolutle love this book

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I loved the book.
It was really good!!

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I didn't finish it but i'm glad you liked it. You should check out my other story " i'm a gangsta ma" which i'm currently working on.

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