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Christian Activist

End Time Survival Von:
Christian Activist

The Holy Ghost took the author through an intense 200-day period of fasting in one year, including a 40-day water fast, before revealing some important doctrinal errors and end time deceptions.


- Recognize how the devil is exercising legitimate authority against you and develop the discernment to prevent being trapped in the future.


- Receive revelation of truths that will allow those trapped in bondage, reoccurring failure, sickness and affliction to break free and live a victorious life in Christ.


- Recognize false teachings and excesses within the church that keep you trapped in bondage including how; tithing can bring you into bondage, natural Israel is leading to end time persecution, how the doctrine of the Trinity is been erroneously taught and which churches are no longer relevant to God.


- Recognize prophetic timelines and events to avoid false prophets who have already started leading Christians into the ‘great falling’ away as prophesied in the Bible


- Understand how to transform your workplace, marriage, children and personal life from affliction and hardship to blessing and favour

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Harlem, NY

I really, really, object to the illustration that you've chosen for this
article. The lady-of-a-certain-age does NOT have white hair and she certainly
does not need a cane! No is she engaged in a passive activity of hobbling
around an art gallery with a grandchild. How many ""old people"" do you know?
The ones that I know are often still working professionals, engaged world
travelers, digging in the garden, riding... mehr anzeigen

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