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War and Peace

Life is war and find peace if you can Von:
War and Peace

I am an above middle class man,

so I can go by bus to my office.

All the bellow middleclass people

have their own two-wheelers

and other vehicles, some people

have even four-wheelers also.



I am perfect above middle class man,

so I have to go by bus only. Again

I am made to be a soldier and catch

some bus to reach office in time.

If I fail, my officer looks at me as

if asking that if you cannot travel

in City Buses properly, how can you

live and drag your family all your

life in the ever existing wars of life.

The looks look like the guns to

shoot straight in the heart. Then

you have to feel like beheaded

without mercy.

war peace life struggle
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Backwood writer

war is something that I have never understood, and almost always Wars are caused by men's greed, This world would be a better place to be if men were not greedy and self-centered. wickedness fills most of the cities of the world and will continue till the mighty righteous lord Jesus Christ come back, to place the wicked into the fires of hell.
many don't believe in God to their own destruction , like the words below some hard... mehr anzeigen

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BR Sunkara

Thank you very much for your kind heart comment. War is a state of armed conflict between different countries or different groups within a country. Here I used this word for fighting of a common man in daily life with some problems like a soldier fights in a battle with the... mehr anzeigen

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