The Bull

Mind over the matter atop Von:
The Bull

This is about a bull in romance (?)

A bull is always a bull..of course, a BULL!!!

Eat like a bull.
Work like a bull.
Fight like a bull.

What not? All it is Said.
This is what we say in common.


'Bull' is associated with made up stories
from around the date of the earliest.

'cock and bull' citation though,
as in this quotation from J. Taylor, 1630:

"Wit and Mirth ... Made vp, and
fashioned into Clinches, Bulls,

Quirks, Yerkes, Quips, and Ierkes.

If Romance is linked with a bull ???


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Great to see that you have start business by saying your books on Amazon and some other places, I wish the best!

Also, the story is awesome!

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