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a dogs life

An actual true story all animals need a loving home. Von:
a dogs life
this book is a true story about a dog who has no home. please take this book to heart and think can you help
plz leave a comment i want to know wat u think to help my writing thnks :-) bookwormcat xxxxxxxxxxxxx

a dogs life, true, life, dogs, real life
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:-( Felt bad when reading it. When I visited adoption center, I noticed a dog which was old but still requested me to take like a puppy. I couldn't get it to my house at that time. :-( :-(

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:( good book,but i hate seeing cartoons on the TV About animal adattions its so sad D: All the dogs in kennels... DX

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thanks i love that i just dont know what else to write about and i wernt fibbing about the facts that many animals live like that

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awwwwwwwwwwwww that was the cutest book I have ever read and I am adding it to my most favorite book ever

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same!!! so adorable

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