What I See In Everything..

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What I See In Everything..
These are my poems. Don't hate on them, because that's just rude. You'll see my views on things. This is fully completed. I work hard on my writing since it doesn't come naturally. Thank you.

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Ariana Suzanne

A book full of emotion, of tears that have been swallowed much too many times, is what this book is full of. This deeply resonates with many who have felt much the same way before.

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Glynis Rankin

I loved a lot of these, Sticks and Stone, Break Me, One Day...etc. Your poems pack a punch full of emotion and feeling. Although, most people will like your rhyming poems, you have a way with free verse.

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Sticks and stones may break a bone but words are worse and leave you alone.
Physical pain heals in time but mental pain stays for life at times. A truly great work. It matches Even Shakespearean sonnets in both tone and gravity.


Thank you for the feed back ♥

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Loved the poems. I really relate to ME. I feel that way a lot. I loved the last one. It is filled with hope for the future.

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Thank you<3 c:

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I liked these pieces as I could tell they were deep and expressed how you feel. Poems don't necessary have to follow rules as you showed. I was impressed but the only slightly negative is the title. You may not care about rhyme and yes rhyming isn't always important but some people enjoy or use rhyme effectively. It's personal choice. Maybe your title was too strong. Still liked your pieces though.

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Here is the book. Hope everyone enjoys it. I will update at least every week. Please like and comment!!

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