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Best Friends Forever?

How Can One Lie Ruin Everything? Von:
Best Friends Forever?
Best Friends Forever?

"We're gay."
Bradley and Cole are step brothers, and they hate each other. Being the hottest guys in school, girls fall at their feet. But there's one exception, Scarlet, she's the most gorgeous girl in school and she barely even acknowledges any guys.
When Cole and Bradley get kicked out of their houses by their father, having no other friends to go to, they end up together, at Scarlet's place who lives almost alone since her parents are never home.
But of course, a girl as pretty and amazing as her would never let two guys stay in her house. So what do they do? They lie, a dirty little lie. That they're both gay. Their desperation for a place to live gets the best of them when they become best friends with her. What happens when one day, they both fall for her?

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