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How much abuse and neglect can one spouse endure before she decides to quit in a way that leaves you shocked. Von:
User: lexystorm

How much abuse does a partner have to suffer before they react? How much is too far? Find out what this woman did to her husband after seven years of marriage.



I love love LOVE this! Its progressive, got a strong message and ends with a jerk getting his deserved comeuppance. In other words, everything I love in a story. Kudos and more grease to your elbows.


ok.................ok....................ok............................whom or who ever u are..................if this is a story, with more me when ders



Tari, this one is captivating.
It grips you and doesn't let you stop until you've gotten to the very end.
I wish I could make inline comments.


Beautiful piece. Very lovely, melancholic and had me intrigued to the very end ✨


I was glued to every word.
Simply amazing



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Vienna, Austria

The cake looks like a flavored 1-2-3-4 cake (1 c butter, 2 c sugar, 3 c flour,
and 4 eggs). Always a good one, and a reminder to all of us bakers that we can
take basic cake formulations and add our own flavorings to make something


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Where's the story? After reading Judy's glowing comment I am dying to read it but when I open the novel it is missing. Tragic! I hope you will put it up again.

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Oh my. I am just seeing this comment. I've been away for a year. I'll work on it.

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Too often when a story is written in the context of a different culture, I find myself distracted by those differences and have to keep going back to pick up the plot thread. This one, however, is so well written that the heart of the tale overwhelms cultural details. Driven by the main character's narrative and experience, it gripped my attention from the first sentence, and held tight through the very last word.

So much is... mehr anzeigen

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This brings tears to my eyes. I am so happy that you could relate with the character. That was one of my worries initially. Thank you so so much. This really means a lot to me. And, thank you for pointing out the misspelt word. I really appreciate your thorough review of my book. :)


You're most welcome - it was a wonderful read.

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