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caramel brown

caramel brown
Romantic poem about sex.

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Columbus, Ohio

You are correct about U.S. Government data mining. Does the name Clapper sound
familiar? It should, as he was the darling of CNN, but has recently run into
some new problems. This from the NYTimes in 2013:


The New York Times > Page Not Found
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Grand Rapids, Mi

Why does less spending not enter the picture?

Oh, yeah, too many sucking up the cash.

When only 47% pay Federal Income Tax, and then the folks above 100K pay 80% of
the income taxes, the inequality is people not paying their fair share to run
this nation. And corporation don’t pay taxes, customers pay taxes for the

Take the bills, divide by the population, offer a small personal exemption,
about... mehr anzeigen

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Woodbridge, VA

In other words American women are baby machines. That's what Ohio is saying by
proposing this sort of thing. Nothing about a woman matters once she's
pregnant or has the capacity to become pregnant. Her life is nothing. Only the
fetus counts. Her needs, her plans, her ability to care for the resulting
infant is not important. Only a live birth. And if she dies in the process, if
the pregnancy was the result of rape... mehr anzeigen

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"Weapon of mass destruction"?
Very Emily Dickinson in a wicked mood.

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