Cancelling The Trip

A Humorous flash fiction of canceling Digha trip Von:
User: biswajit
Cancelling The Trip
Trip Canceling Excuses is a humorous flash fiction where 5 friends plan for a trip and then each cancel the outing for strange reasons. This is a funny story written by Biswajit Ganguly.

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wooow, i loved it, man, truly enjoyable, Good luck

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This is a funny story about planning and cancelling a trip. You also made an exquisite reason at the end. Just a suggestion in page 3 – use a comma after “Raj” and change “me” to “I". I hope this helps. Your style of bringing reality to your story is good. Well, there will always be times you need to cancel something; so always be ready with your plan B. Have a great weekend!

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