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The Angel of Brooklyn

Based on the movie and the actual event Von:
The Angel of Brooklyn
A girl enters Newsies territory as a boy. She stays at the lodge with all the boys and tries to act like one of the boys. Her one fear is if she gets caught, she just may get kicked out and may have to live in the streets. On top of all that, her new found friends may start ignoring her if they found out about her gender. But she falls in love with the famous Spot Conlon. Now shes stuck trying to figure out whether she should blow her cover, just because it may be love? Or should she let him believe she is a man and lose him forever?

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Moon.writer? Yeah. It's me!
I. Love. This. Book!
I can't express how wonderful this book is, and I there aren't enough words in the world to say how much I stinkin' love it! XD

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