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This pocket book with translated works is meant to dedicate with high respects, great faith in the Lord Buddha, Luang Po Phra Ajahn Anan, a foster father in the Dhamma.  Prior to this work, he have spent over a year teaching me the contents of this book thoroughly.  Any queries and doubts were put forward for clarification on face-to-face. This is to ensure this translation brings out the best result possible.

As we studied along, we realized that we do build our precedent virtue and receive great wholesome merits and bear fruit from the essence of The Noble Truth in this book. Ajahn Anan whose kindness and patience, had supported me and given me the strength to live the Noble Truth in his forest refuge, Wat Prathad Seangkaew Mongkol.  I heartily and humbly serve him and thank him for this.

This pocket book written in his Dhamma dialogue, meant to capture his words and essence (without altering his chosen words), which is his personality for perfection. Therefore, in this works, should there be any unintended error in my translation, may I humbly take in all comments and criticisms to myself and beg for forgiveness.

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