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Prince Charming! Come and get me! Von:
User: bettyc
Eva is attractive, mature and talented but she needs a helping hand to find Prince Charming. As fairy godmothers are extinct she enlists help from her computer. Does she succeed? Read on, dear reader....

Fiction, humor, netdating, dogs
Beiträge und Kommentare
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It was very encouraging to read your comment.
All the best.

Wichtiger Beitrag

Thanks for reading this story Lucille. Both cats and dogs can be as dear as any other family members.

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Here's wishing you luck too!
I wrote this story in Danish, years ago. Then I translated it to English and changed it in the process.

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S'matter of fact, Betty, I found the very same solution in my pussycat, Pinky. She is perfect, has a sense of humor, and makes me laugh. Want to look up my essay "More Than Half a Life" in ? I have dozens of shorts there, am an eight-time award winner, and have six books on etc. I haven't time to enter more books here but am enjoying these entries I have read so far. Best wishes, Lucille

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