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Duel by magic.

User: bettyc
Duel by magic.
Anazar is poor, daring, optimistic and stubborn! His prime goal in life is to marry Princess Tuftent the indescribably beautiful daughter of King Izil the Magnificent, whose practice is to discourage unsuitable suitors by telling them to qualify as top-ranking magicians.

As this is a fairy tale it is a foregone conclusion that Anazar will finally succeed; but naturally the road to happiness is far from simple.

First of all he has to outwit the champion but infamous wizard Yufayyur.

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Carol Wills

Hi Betty, what a wonderful fairy tale, it was well written and very engaging. Good luck in the contest, you have my vote...Carol x

1 Kommentar

I'm glad you liked my story, thanking you for giving me your vote.
All the very best! Betty

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Hi Betty,

Good Story you have here, I sorry it took me some time to get to it, like you I had a lot of requestes for reads and votes. I have voted and gave you a star...I need your comments and a vote for My Story A Deadly Drive-by

Linda B

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You are welcome! I hope you too post some of your exciting stories on this site.
Thank you for reading my story and I'm glad your daughter enjoyed it.
All the best.

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Dear Junie,
Thank you for taking the time to read my story and also for voting for me.
Both deeds are well and truly appreciated.
Best wishes

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There are a lot of entries waiting to be read so please forgive me if I do not thank you individually for taking the time to read my book.

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You say this is a Berber tale. This is interesting because it is almost identical to a Celtic poem by Taliesin. In this tale it is the witch Cerridwen who eats the boy Gwion after they both go through several transformations, fish, otter, eagle etc. She is a hen when she eats him as a grain of wheat. Cerridwen is chasing Gwion because he accidently dipped his thumb in the cauldron of wisdom he was stirring and became... mehr anzeigen

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