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Valhalla Nights

Book 1 Von:
Valhalla Nights
Ade had life pretty good. She was the youngest child of the King and was spoiled not just by her parents but by her brother/best friend, Lee. Ade and Lee made every night in Valhalla an adventure and often got into trouble because of it. But that all changes one night when Lee suddenly vanishes after their latest prank with little leads as to what had happened to him.

Not believing that Lee would ever run away without even saying goodbye, despite the evidence, Ade senses something is wrong and stops at nothing to find out what happened to him seeking the help of a few good friends.

On the search for her brother Ade will learn about herself, love, betrayal and conspiracies but will she find the one thing she's been looking for?

Cover art by Amanda Newman-Riser

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Wichtiger Beitrag

Very good! I loved it! I'll try and finish reading in the morning ;)

I do, however, have some critiques:

The first time your main character speaks, the sentences after it confused me a bit and I felt as if you went off an another topic. Maybe make a new paragraph, or say

"I said, making sure that my astonishment showed in each word."

instead of just saying:

"I made sure that my astonishment showed in each word."

But hey, that's... mehr anzeigen

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Wichtiger Beitrag
Bethany Seeley

I finished my book and e-published on amazon so Valhalla Nights can now be bought for Kindle and other e-readers :) Now I'm working on book 2: Valhalla Days.

Wichtiger Beitrag

I happened upon this glad I did! I was delighted, first off, that your grammar was nearly flawless. That is the first thing I look for in a story or book:) Beyond that, you introduced the character Ade and her brother, Lee, in a terrific scene. Tension and the huge question/dilemma immediately following. I like this story's first two chapters very much. Hope to read more soon! WELL done.

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