Book 1 of the Moonhigh Saga Von:
(Updating as critique comes from Serious Writers)

When evil lurks in the shadows of a group of powerful girls, a new cloaked person appears. Nobody knows who it is, not even the Elders of the West.

Could it be the legendary Wayfarer?
Could it be Twilight, the one who destroyed the Elders of the East?

Book 1 in the Moonhigh saga.

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "The Moonhigh Saga"
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Book 1 of the Moonhigh Saga
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How can you not continue this battle of good versus evil? Your characters are portrayed as strong and yet compassionate and have a unified spirit between them. The story is compelling and besides, you are giving us a great look at the lives of fairies. Let the saga continue.

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It is! Rebels will be out soon :3

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Comments like that really help and inspire an author to continue. I'm about to start the next installment! (squeak!!!)

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I this book was very well done. There was lots of description and action! I would stick with this book and polish it up a little. Listen to what others have to say about your writing. It's hard for us to see our own mistakes. Content is very important and you have a likable character, I think you could do a lot with this!

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I didn't base it on your book, I just thought it up.

I like changing POV, but I will do one view a chapter in 'Rebels', the next installment.

Keep checking the official blog to it for the latest news! (See my page in WebWriters)

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This sounds like the book I'm reading at school, by any chance did you get the name Wayfarer from there?

Just a small complaint: The constant changes to the POV are confusing me. I've never known a book to change the POV so much in one chapter! Try and keep to one person per chapter, that's what I do. It leaves more cliffhangers for the reader and keeps their mind free from confusion!

Otherwise, this seems interesting. Keep... mehr anzeigen

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