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Three times in life... three drabbles. Von:
Entry for the drabble competition.

Three times in life, three 100-word stories. A life well lived, as I like to say.

A brand new and breath-taking book by Bethan Rees.

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Nice, Bethan, nice. Three different moments in someone's life; a life well-lived. i'm glad I had a chance to read them. I left with a sad smile on my face.

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You have written three very thought provoking and touching short stories.

I look forward to reading more of your work.

Good writing!

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Life is so short. This is so full of emotion...happy and somewhat sad. One of the top ones in this contrast.

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It's really all there is to life, no?

You've captured some nice moments and then... a judgement that we seldom get to make.

Very satisfying.

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You're showing some mature writing far beyond your years here, and I really hope that you keep going. Very nice descriptions and a thoughtful progression of ideas. Great!

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