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The Dreamer Famulus

Psychology Von:
The Dreamer Famulus
Main source of dreams is actually develops in childhood, and then develops the mind, 4 years of intelligence and then inside the dreams controllation skill mastery and the ability to dream dreams into.Az being, evolve, learn, else's. A lot of this is the role of physics of physiology, biology, chemistry, mathematics, and last but not least aa pszichológiának.Complete the extent of new words, new phrases and expressions in the book .These not a “sleepybook”.These something new to do with the Book Fund .. Freude theme based on the principles of working, and they also contradicted meg.Rationality, reality, factuality characterized the book as well as slightly more than a fiction.The fiction is true, but in today's world we do not have to? "starts a bit incomprehensible, issues starts a dialogue, argue with me, then the basic concept of a dream, and a replica of the full delineation of the work after the substance of whatever it is belekapcsolódnak science and children's psychoanalysis.

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