Endymion (fiscle part-XII) Part 2

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Endymion (fiscle part-XII) Part 2
The Balance Of Parties In the House Of Commons, Which Had Been Virtually
Restored by Sir Robert Peel'S Dissolution Of 1834, Might Be Said To Be
Formally And Positively Established by The Dissolution Of Parliament
In The Autumn Of 1837, Occasioned by The Demise Of The Crown. The
Ministerial Majority Became Almost Nominal, While Troubles From All
Quarters Seemed to Press Simultaneously Upon Them: Canadian Revolts,
Chartist Insurrections, Chinese Squabbles, And Mysterious Complications
In Central Asia, Which Threatened immediate Hostilities With Persia, And
Even With One Of The Most Powerful Of European Empires. In addition To
All This, The Revenue Continually Declined, And Every Day The General
Prejudice Became More Intense Against The Irish Policy Of The Ministry.
The Extreme Popularity Of The Sovereign, Reflecting some Lustre On Her
Ministers, Had Enabled them, Though Not Without Difficulty, To Tide
Through The Session Of 1838; But When Parliament Met In 1839 Their
Prospects Were Dark, And It Was Known That There Was A Section Of The
Extreme Liberals Who Would Not Be Deeply Mortified if The Government
Were Overthrown. All Efforts, Therefore, Political And Social, And
Particularly The Latter, In which The Whigs Excelled, Were To Be Made To
Prevent Or To Retard The Catastrophe.

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