The Angaran Chronicles: An Ulterior Motive

It is light, which creates shadow Von:
User: BAD Agar
The Angaran Chronicles: An Ulterior Motive

After the destruction of her village, the only survivor: Emilia is saved by a stranger: an elf named Anargrin. Who claims to work for a mercenary organisation known and respected all over the continent of Angara: The Hunters.


He asks for no payment and to help her with the sickness that threatens to overwhelm her.


But why?


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Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "The Angaran Chronicles"
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woodstock, NY

""Make an effort to get to know people unlike yourself ""

So say we all, or at least the reader-participants of the New York Times.

I believe Mr. Brooks is saying that people from different perspectives used to
battle fairly over ideas and policies, and would move a little on their side
in order to move the other side. He's confused about why they don't, and your
saying ""just do it"" is not much of a help.

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This is an interesting story. Please update soon!

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BAD Agar

Thank you very much! This one is finished but the arc of Anargrin's character will be completed in a later story Hamar Noir. I will have a look at your work too.

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