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Choice Specimens Of American Literature And Literary Reader (Fiscle Part 13) Of 1

User: silviya
Choice Specimens Of   American Literature And Literary Reader (Fiscle Part 13) Of 1

There Goes Many A Ship To Sea, With Many Hundred Souls In One Ship,
Whose Weal And Woe Is Common, And Is A True Picture Of A Commonwealth,
Or A Human Combination Or Society. It Hath Fallen Out, Sometimes, That
Both Papists And Protestants, Jews And Turks, May Be Embarked Into One
Ship. Upon Which Supposal, I Affirm That All The Liberty Of Conscience,
That Ever I Pleaded For, Turns Upon These Two Hinges; That None Of The
Papists, Protestants, Jews, Or Turks, Be Forced To Come To The Ship'S
Prayers, Nor Compelled From Their Own Particular Prayers Or Worship,
If They Practice Any.... If Any Of The Seamen Refuse To Perform Their
Service, Or Passengers To Pay Their Freight; If Any Refuse To Help, In
Person Or Purse, Towards The Common Charges Or Defence; If Any Refuse To
Obey The Common Laws Or Orders Of The Ship Concerning Their Common
Peace Or Preservation; If Any Shall Mutiny And Rise Up Against Their
Commanders And Officers; If Any Should Preach Or Write, That There Ought
To Be No Commanders Nor Officers, Because All Are Equal In Christ,
Therefore No Masters Nor Officers, No Laws, Nor Orders, No Corrections
Nor Punishments,--I Say I Never Denied But In Such Cases, Whatever Is
Pretended, The Commander Or Commanders May Judge, Resist, Compel, And
Punish Such Transgressors, According To Their Deserts And Merits.

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