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User: bharris
Frank is your normal aging gentleman; wizened, slim, but still has his own hair, who is partial to an afternoon walk. On one such walk, he encounters a young man of a nervous disposition, who has a taxing problem.

Family, Age, Teen, Society
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Sorry that i've been away for so long everyone! I'm back with gusto.

Thanks for all you comments about my short stories. I do appreciate you taking the time to give your views.

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Hi Ben,
The book was excellent and told with great anticipation for what was to be revealed to Frank…good job on your short story. I of course cast my vote and saved as my favorite…Good luck to you. Please read my book reflections and give me your opinion and a vote if you like. Reflections/Little girl’s short stories is a self-published book and needs some editing revisions but the concept is very good.

Linda B lbolden.books

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Hi linda,

of course I will have a read, it would be my pleasure. Thanks for taking the time to read Frank,I appreciate it Ben

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I did wonder if it was a bit too predictable, but only a few got it! Thanks once again.


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Nice story. Predictable. I think you could have left out the hint that Frank has a granddaughter.
Got my vote. Good luck!

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i read this with ease and found myself liking it. the interaction between the two characters, divided by time and years, is good and tells about their respective generations. however, when frank tells about his granddaughter i guessed what was going to happen. that apart, i liked the simplicity of this and also the fact that it ends where it does, leaving things to imagination.
two or three typos here, a missing apostrophe... mehr anzeigen

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