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The 7 Kingdoms of the Telestial World

Adam from the Old Testament wrote these Von:
The 7 Kingdoms of the Telestial World

There are 7 Kingdoms that are inside the Telestial Kingdom. Adam of the Old Testament breaks this sacred information in the last days. This translation was orginally written in Hebrew. Ben Adam translates it to perfect English. 

The seven kingdoms are from top to bottom. When one arrives after the 1000 year millenium and after Christ's final judgement, if assigned to this kingdom you start at what Adam calls "Telestial 0". 


There are 3 kingdoms below Telestial zero and 3 above. Adam says they surpass all understanding and comprehension but gives us the first real indepth look of each kingdom which are all found here:


The 3 Kingdom's above are "beyond imagination" but explained in detail

The 3 Kingdom's below are "from similarities to earth life with a real purge to take place yearly, however since the body is resurrected, one cannot die".

-Adam, Prophet of the Old Testament and first born with Eve



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