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Tears and Heaven

User: authorbea
Tears and Heaven
Nevaeh’s mother dies a few days after she is born. After her mother’s friend can no longer take care of her, she is forced to move from foster home to foster home. She experiences things that no child should ever have to. When she is 16, the Chief of Police of Renfro saves and later adopts her.
After she moves in she meets Hanley, the 16 year old neighbor boy. He becomes her first real friend and teaches her what friendship means. She later becomes friends with a girl named Rayne after Hanley introduces them to each other.
Each of their lives will drastically change when her biological father shows up unexpectedly. Will the battle between life and death change everything Nevaeh has ever known?

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Foster Care, Love, Family, Friendship, Rape, Death
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B ︀e ︀s ︀t ︀★ ︀S ︀e ︀x ︀❤️ ︀D ︀a ︀t ︀i ︀n ︀g, ︀o︀p︀e︀n ︀l︀i︀n︀k ︀>>>>> WWW.DATE4FUQ.COM?_ebook-belinda-slider-baker-tears-and-heaven

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Thank you for the <3

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B ︀e ︀s ︀t ︀★ ︀S ︀e ︀x ︀❤️ ︀D ︀a ︀t ︀i ︀n ︀g, ︀o︀p︀e︀n ︀l︀i︀n︀k ︀>>>>> WWW.DATE4FUQ.COM?authorbea_1312807722.8876008987

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it's really no problem!it's a great story and really SHOULD get published! i've read actual published books that were worst than this, so i mean what;s the worst that can happen?they deney it?oh well there loss! so just saying again really good book!

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Words can't say how grateful I am for reading the book. Thank you so much for the heart and overwhelming response to the book. I am so glad you really liked it. Wow...I thought I would only be a poet and children author/illustrator. You have made my day!! :) I didn't think I could really write a novel at all. Your words are so encouraging. Thank you...thank you... :D

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