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Cold Winters & Sleepless Nights

User: authorbea
Cold Winters & Sleepless Nights
Poems that deal with life.

Life, love, winter
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Thank you so much for reading and commenting. I really appreciate it! =)

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ツ ︀➞ WWW.DATE4FUQ.COM?authorbea_1259803178.7837240696

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I love the book cover and the art within the pages.

I am sleepless here in Michigan and chose today to read your collection of beautiful and touching poetry. Each poem affected me in certain memorable way pertaining to my childhood and adult life.

Thank you for sharing your work. I have saved this to my favorite to read again and again.

Exceptional writing!

When you have time, please visit my profile to read my latest... mehr anzeigen

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Thank you for your wonderful comment and <3. I truly hoped you enjoyed the poems.

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Your artwork is absolutely stunning.
I read what a few others said, and want to agree. Your better poetry is the deeply emotional work, that lets out the pain (whether or not some of these things are true...I can only hope not).
Your tribute to your Father, "No More Promises" made me cry...:(
The poem "Mirror Mirror" is so spot-on...Balemia (sp) and 'cutting' so often come as a nasty little duo. The picture couldn't be more... mehr anzeigen

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Thank you very much for the wonderful comments. Graphic design is a specialty of mine. I design websites, graphic art, am an artist in a sense, etc. I wrote and illustrated a children book "Lost Stripes, Please Return". Art and Poetry are a big part of my life. :)
Thank you... mehr anzeigen

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An interesting collection of poems: deep and thought-provoking. I liked most 'mirror mirror' and 'Path of lessons'. You have my vote.

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Thank you very much for the comments. I too like "Mirror Mirror". It is a disease happening way to often in today's society with girls.


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