A story in verse about a natural disaster from the tornado's point of view.

tornado, family
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I'm confused how Haiti factors in to this story...there was an earthquake in Haiti, not a tornado...

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It's fascinating to see the difference in subject matter between adult and nearly-child poets on this site; but i have to agree with the others that a strong story about a parent-child bond is a subject more people should write about.
Reading some of the younger poets on this site you get the feeling that their parents would leave them in a storm, so this really was a breath of fresh air.

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Thank you so much for the favorite and comment. It is greatly appreciated.


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Mother nature is so powerful and the fact that the mother won't choose between the two is so true, I would do the same. I really enjoyed the pictures along with your verse. Serena

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Thank you for reading, commenting and believing it was worth saving as a favorite :)

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