Djinn and Genies.

Most think there's no difference between them. Their wrong.


There is a huge difference


Genies- who are not from magical bottles by the way- are magical beings who survive on a persons positive emotions from granting their wishes.


Whether the person knows it or not which mortals would know as good luck or reward for a good deed. They are self righteous and rarely use their own powers for themselves.


Djinns however are the opposite. They survive on the pain and misery they inflict on one twisting their wishes and desires causing chaos.


A mortal may know it as bad luck or charma. They are not as self righteous as the genies and use their powers for their own selfish needs.


It's simply yin and yen, balance between good and evil. Of course there are other creatures that exist that effect this balance, but Genies and Djinns are the main point and the rarest.


My name is Charman and no I am not one of those self righteous genies as you would expect. I am a Djinn and proud.


Though it wasn't always so.


Let's start from the beginning shall we.

Djinn, magic, wishes, survival
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