Lucifer's claim Von:

Angela is an ordinary angel


No she’s not an archangel


She’s not powerful than any other angel or have any hidden power


There’s no prophecy about her saving heaven or Earth


She has no special task


Just a normal plain angel



Well other than her wings. Pure white from the back fading into pure sky blue on the tips, two colored wings compared to the one colored wings of every other angel.


There was only one other angel who had the same colored wings as her, the Archangel, the fallen angel. Lucifer.


It wasn’t until Lucifer caught a glimpse of her that she grew out of being ordinary for Lucifer has claimed her.



Angela is Lucifer’s claim.


As handsome and charming as he may be she’s not giving in without a fight.

Angel, devil, lucifer, heaven, hell, love, power, god
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