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Men of World War II

Marvin E Davis Von:
User: mxamalia
Men of World War II

Marvin's life is thrilling, versatile, intense, full of joy as a young boy, compassionate in every moment of his life, an example of the joy to praise our Lord. Rich in friendship, admiration and love. But he did suffer a lot as well, tried giving his best part in all, even in his final sickness. God bless you richly loved husband!


I write his story because I felt every moment of joy, patriotism, suffering and success he had lived as he narrated his whole life. I loved him for his past, his present and his future.


I introduce every bit of information he wrote during several years related to his service during WWII, while he answered e-mails to relatives of his fellow ship crew, specially on the USS Sturdevant DD240.


In a second section I include his written stories over the time at sea in WWII, and some poems I have written for him while we were married and after he passed.

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WWII, Veteran, Navy, Life Story
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