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my sister watches

User: baya
my sister watches

what happens when you found out your sister has seen you having sex with your girlfriend? do you pretend nothing happend or do things get more complicated? (completed but editing if you spot any mistakes or have tips on how I can improve the story feel free to message me.)(if you'd like me to write more please tell me. Thanks for reading hope you enjoy 

sex, kinky, sister, girlfriend, anal, Masturbation
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Too bad you don't have an attractive cover for the book and you did have a lot of errors but all it needs is a good edit. One caution is the inclusion of an underage child in the action. That will never be accented in any media you might encounter. All participants must be at least 18 and the book should be rated Adults Only... that's 18+ Just a pointer. Lots of luck.

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I wanted the story to continue to once the parents came home or how the sister and brother keep a secret relationship with the gf afterwards.

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