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A plea to Christian women

A plea to Christian women


   Christian women, I appeal to you. We should live in a godly manner. Yet, with feminism and traditionalism, we're living in an ungodly way. I plead with Christian women all over the world.


   This book is based on evidence from the Scriptures. So, the first chapter builds the case that the Scriptures are the sole authority that guide all other norms. In the second chapter, I will show the God-ordained design for men and women. Are we living accordingly? In chapters three and four, I will advise you of our feminine roles in the family. It is such a beautiful but neglected role! In the fifth chapter, I will argue why we should wear head covers during worship. Finally, I will describe the characters of false teachers so we become aware of them.


    As I write this e-book, I desire to be a godly woman. Take a sisters' advice from a woman who also needs your guidance. Let's take this pilgrimage together!

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