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No MOre Piano Lessons

No MOre Piano Lessons
Muriel Beagle was an awful piano teacher. An abomination! Thirty minutes - that's all she allotted per lesson, and most days she started late or was interrupted by one of her bratty kids bursting in unannounced. Lost time was never recouped on the back end of the lesson, and once, the music teacher even took a cell phone call and it wasn't an emergency. So unprofessional!

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Hello Barry - Paige and I seem to follow each other with feedback, obviously enjoying the same kind of writing. I loved this story and could even see it as a television play due to your vivid descriptions. If I may offer three small editing notes that you may have overlooked - here they are:

page 23 - "Mrs. Beagle - you're piano teacher." Of course, should be "your".

page 25 - "It's a, Excalibur Equinox," should be "It's an... mehr anzeigen

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Hi, Paige,

Thanks for the incredibly supportive comments. My daughter took lessons from an utterly attrocious piano teacher who was the role model for Muriel Beagle but, in the course of the writing, I decided to give Muriel both an epiphany and slight personality makeover.
I was a bit worried that readers wouldn't get the rambling, stream-of-consciousness approach to the story telling and think the prose fragmented, but... mehr anzeigen

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