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Legal Procudures

Legal Procudures
Married six times, Phoebe’s Aunt Janet is advising her niece on affairs of the heart. Good Luck Phoebe!

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Thanks for the feedback. Legal Procedures was a perfect example of that 'organic process' writing that I mentioned to you where a writer takes something from his/her personal life and weaves it back into a fictional motif. My seventeen year-old daughter was having trouble with her Legal Procedures class in high school so I was reading the textbook and prepping her for the tests. That's where I got all the cool stuff about... mehr anzeigen

Wichtiger Beitrag


Wow! I was rather worried that the story might have been a bit too far out there and would scare readers away. Thanks for the endorsement. I was helping my teenage daughter cram for a test in her Legal Procedures class and the more I read about the subject, the more intrigued I became with the possibilities (i.e. for a fictional story). This was the end result. The reader can decide what Phoebe ultimately does with her... mehr anzeigen

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