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Just Like Dostoyevsky

Just Like Dostoyevsky
Sylvia Mandelstam will tell you what a wonderful time she had at the Russian literary symposium in Moscow. The trip was an unmitigated fiasco not unlike her personal life. Sylvia can lie shamelessly - even to Danny O'Rourke, the unassuming mason who arrives to repair her damaged brick wall. But not indefinitely.

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Wichtiger Beitrag

I just stumbled across this website and read your story. What an inspiration it is! I couldn't stop reading. I'm going to start writing again!
Melodie Earickson

3 Kommentare

Good for you! Here's my advice. Take a look at some of the writers' websites like Bookrix, smashwords or They all have some really good people writing for the shear fun of it. Write your heart out and get some feedback and, most importantly, have fun!!!
By the way,... mehr anzeigen

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Wichtiger Beitrag

Appreciated the pace feel and prose of this story, very readable and sympathetic. Years since I read Dostoyevsky so the allusions were I'm afraid lost on me but I much liked the detailed appreciation of the tradesman's skills and the mother daughter interplay. Good stuff mate.

1 Kommentar

The idea for this story came about after my second trip to Russia to adopt two daughters from central Siberia. A lot of the rather sobering 'Russian' imagery is autobiographical and consequently very accurate in terms of the oppressive atmosphere my wife and I experienced as we... mehr anzeigen

Wichtiger Beitrag

Thank God for advocates! It is refreshing that a book that came from behind became the winner - I always root for the underdog - I'm truly glad you won...Paula

Wichtiger Beitrag

Nothing like coming in from behind and being recognized for a fine piece of work. Just shows you that a good story will find its place in the top. Congratulations and I look forward to reading more of your work. Valerie

1 Kommentar

What a shock to win. My Head's still spinning. Thanks so much for the kind words.


Wichtiger Beitrag

Congratulations on being in the top eleven. Good luck in the final three! Elizabeth

Wichtiger Beitrag

I liked the detail in this story. For me the setting is as important as the dialogue in helping the reader to visulise your plot. You did this really well. I can't believe you've been sitting on this talent for all those years.

1 Kommentar

Thanks for your gracious remarks. I don't know where a serious short story writer would find a forum outside of the internet. I tried for years to get something published in the academic quarterlies to no avail. It's all about 'pedigree' (i.e. who you know in the editorial... mehr anzeigen

Wichtiger Beitrag

I like your story, too, having seen Paige's recommendation. I've voted. Good luck in the contest.

Bek :)

P.S.: I'd love your feedback on my entry, 'Orlando, My Hero'. A short read.

Thanks again.

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