What She Learned (Currently in progress)

*Based on a true story* Von:
What She Learned (Currently in progress)

Kara has been given a short leash all 16 years of her life, and she has no problems with that leash. Kara keeps to herself, loves nature, and is scared of strangers, but when given a one-time offer, she is allowed to go to her uncle's house in California for the whole summer. Her original idea of free is staying at home every night, doing nothing, untill she meets Austin at a park in the middle of the night. Sweet, caring, and intelligent, Austin shows Kara what it truly means to love life. Will they make it through the strain of dating in secret because of Kara's parents? Or will they break in the heat of the moment?


*This is how I found my boyfriend. For discretion, I used the name Austin.*

Nature, Animals, Romance, Trust
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Nina burke

I need more. When will it be finish?

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Bailey Lee

I really don't know. I'm just writing when I find time in my schedule, but thank you!

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Bailey Lee

This is a true story. It is how I met my boyfriend of three years. Please give me your feedback.

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Bailey Lee

All I did was change names for both writer's and discretion's sake.


This is really fricking good! I love it your really lucky!

Bailey Lee

Thank you!

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