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The Disney Experiment

User: btothes
The Disney Experiment
What if every disney princess and prince were normal kids, and went to highschool together? What if some of your favorite villians and loveable characters really existed in their lives? What if you took away all the magic, would everyone still end up together?

Well, you are about to find out.

In these series of short stories, Ariel will no longer be a mermaid but a poor girl who has the hots for the captin of the football team, Eric. Jasmine will no longer be the princess of a foreign land, but of a billion dollar enterprise, Sultan Industries. Aladdin, will still be poor, but will come from the wrong side of the tracks and be best buds with Ariel. And thats just the beginning.....

disney, real life, fiction
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I love it!!! Please, finish writting it? I just love it!!!

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Very original, I love it! ^_^

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I see where you are going with this and I have to say it's not bad. Can't wait to read more.

p.s. Don't forget Snow White! :)

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