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There's a thin line between love and hate..... maybe their right Von:
''Shut up dipshit'' He just smirks.
''You shouldn't be saying that to me servant'' He says causing me to laugh without any humour.
''I am not a servant here and you might want to watch-'' I start to reply but was interrupted.
Riley Aurora Ronan isn't your average girl. She's Bad, she's dangerous and she knows how to fight.
Seth Dimitri Lelantos is the prince of the Lelantos Kingdom and soon to be king-when he finds his soul mate, that is.
Riley and Seth clash horns at first sight, so what happens when Riley's past comes back and her only way of surviving is to trust Seth?

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Please make more! And when you do, can you please tell me?

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Monster At Heart

sure, I'm trying to get my GCSE Exams out the way first but don't worry I'll try my best and I'm glad you liked it :D

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