life as we live it

what hurts the most makes you stronger Von:
life as we live it
My name is Raven, I live with my twin sister Macy and my father. Wheres my mother you ask? She left when I was only 1 year old. I have no idea what she looks like, there isn’t any photos or videos of her, My dad burnt them all when she left. I guess she thought that she can make a better life for her self and until then me and my sister live with my father. My sister and I are 14 years old we are very close because if we weren’t we wouldn’t make it. My father shouldn’t even be aloud to be one. No child should have to go through what i do every day because mommy left and isn’t here to keep dad from hitting us some parents I have. Every day I have to hear my sister ask the same thing “do you think mom is ever coming back to save us?” I tell her the same thing each time “I hope so don’t know how much more I can take”.
Its a monday and I have a bruise from the night be for and it still hurts. When I walk in to my first period class I get pulled to the hall way for the tenth time this month. “I know i’ve asked this before but it just don’t seem right is there something going on at home that you would like to tell me?”
I stand there a second then say, “No not that I can think of why?”
“Because at least four times a week you come to school with a new bruise.” As I try and think of a reason why I got it this time she looked at me with a sad look in her eye and said, “Raven you can tell me I just want you and your sister to be safe and if you don’t tell me I cant help.”
“I don’t need help i can take care of myself,” I say as I walk back into the class.
That night i get home and my father is sitting on the couch waiting for us and he looks at me then Macy and says “so girls i got a call from school today”. I look at my sister with a worried look. As he stands up and walks towards us i get a huge knot in my stomach. “Now why would i be getting a call from the school asking why my two beautiful daughters have bruises?” We look at each other then back at him. “ Dad we didn’t say anything i promise” i say trying not to cry. He looks at me then tells my sister to go to her room and that he will talk to her later. “Now i would like you to tell me the truth right now be for crap gets ugly real fast.” I look at him straight in the eye and say “dad i am promising you that i didn’t say a word.” for a second i thought he believed my words till i look away and out of no where i feel a sharp pain down my spine. I fall to my knees and turn around, and he has that smirk he gets when he is getting thrill from the pain he caused. He raises his hand and back hands the side of my face and says “ they want to see bruises then they will see them they want to ask questions heres a question to ask.” as he hits me with each word i hear my sister crying she is worried that she is next. She wants to help but i told her over and over when i get beat stay in your room far away so he forgets your here she never listens to me. I hear her door crack open i pray that dad didn’t. Out of no were i hear her voice say leave my sister alone she’s not your punching bag. I say Macy i promise i’m fine you need to go in your room. Before i could say more dad was after her and i try and get up but cant. When i finely get the strength to i go in her room i can’t really walk because of the pain . As i run over to knock him off her i have so much pain and anger then it hits me that this man has done this to me and now her i’m not going to stand for this with all my anger i have no more pain. As i punch him in the back of his head and he turns around and looks at me and i continue to hit him. He grabs me by the throat and says “You think your all big and tough now don’t you? i mean really raven you think you stand a chance against me?” As i look at him and with a smile i say “ I don’t have to think about any thing i already no because i’m always stronger than trash on the side of the road.” He raises his other hand and before he swings i kick him. As i grab my sister she looks worried and and scared that one day were just not going to be able to just leave like this. He looks at me and says “you will regret this all of this.” I look back and say “Im sorry but your the one that will regret this.” As we walk away he is yelling but i couldn’t quite make out what he was saying. When i woke up the next morning i thought it was all a dream but then i realized that it was all real. I didn’t know were I was then I looked down and saw my sister sitting there staring at me, and she looks relieved that we left that horrible place but, what she don’t know is eventually were going to get found or caught or something and have to go back.

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I'll ask one simple question:

Let's say trump does want to use tariffs as a threat in negotiations.

It takes years to negotiate trade agreements, which is what this is. How
exactly does trump plan to carry out all these negotiations with Europe,
Canada, Mexico and China?

I seriously doubt he has the infrastructure in terms of policy and personnel
to carry this all out effectively.

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