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She Promised The Moon

She Promised The Moon



     James was born for two poor peasants. His mum passes away when he is four. To answer the favour, a young girl, wanted by the police, takes care of him as if he were her son. Since she is assassinated when he is a university student, he vows to debase those powerful elite members, who kill her, using nonviolence approach. When he gets his university degree,  and becomes a millionaire, and is referred to as the most well-known celebrity in his town. His house on his large farm is the destination for all who wish to win any elections or to find a 'lifeline' to their predicament Since he is in his early thirties, athlete and single, he is the most wanted by the upper-class young women.  He assigns the second floor of his house for 'Red Nights'.

     'She Promised The Moon' is the story where contradictions meet: Love for love vs love for sex and benefits, love vs hate, loyalty vs betrayal, honesty vs corruption, integrity vs deceit and abject poverty vs prosperity. 

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