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Rendezvous with death

grit;hell........translucent life-1 Von:
User: avirup
Rendezvous with death
death has been constantly there...mutilated and static...our ignorant minds think of death as something to be despised of...we don't even look back at HIS penury...but in the end it rips our body apart...we want to flee;escape...what if death gives you a shot to survive...will you run away..or crave for death??? ----life is translucent,you know the outline,terribly wrong about the detailing..

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Well written saga...although it is not my preferred genre.

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evidently every crumbling thought of death within my framework....3 more to come in this series..of course,when my lousy fingers do the typing from the back-cover of my maths textbook;from my mind......

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