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User: Autumn
Its a hard life when you'r running all the time. Cathy Grace knows this. She 18 and has been running from super natural hunters all her life. She has now one to love; No one to love her, no mother, no father, no brothers, or sisters to look after. This time she ran to Oklahoma. The reason she's running... well its a long story, Cathy is a super natural crature. Yes you herd right. Cathy is a angle. Not just any angle, she's a dark angle, and she's being hunted. Don't be scared she doesn't kill anyone . No, all she does is when a super natural being dies they pass throgh her. When Cathy runs to Oklahomea, she find someone she might care for.But will she have to run and leav him.

Meat Jack. He's " the" popular boy in school, he is well respected. He's cute, smart, and athletic. Oh yeah one more thing, he's a werewolf. Soon to be alpha. When the new girl " Cathy" moves here, he finds out that she's his mate. He does everything to get to know her. But she just won't open up. One day he follows her after school to find out more about her, what he finds out isn't what he thought at all.
Will Cathy Be able to stay with Jack or will the hunters find her again?

Read to find out.

( Hey guys if you like my book pleas let me know. Sorry for the bad spelling also.)

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "Life can change for the better"
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